4 Day Rewild

cord2Book a place on our 4 day in depth bushcraft survival course.

Duration: 4 full days.
Starts 10.00am on Thursday and ends 4.00pm on Sunday.

Location: Merthyr Mawr Estate, Bridgend, South Wales.

Overnight stay: Sleeping in Hammocks or Shelters.

Course Syllabus: This course covers the basic and essential skills of Comfortable Woodland living:

  • Friction Fire Lighting with (Fungus, Flint & steel, Strike Lighting, Native Bow, Hand Drill)
  • Water purification and location
  • Breads, Stews, Pies
  • Natural Cordage (Willow, Bramble, Nettle, Elm)
  • Fungi, Plant And Tree Identification
  • Simple Bow, arrows and fletching construction
  • Wood Carving
  • Game Preparation (Gutting And Skinning)
  • Hot Rock Cooking
  • Trapping techniques
  • Hammock And Tarp Set Up
  • Shelter Building
  • Wild Food Foraging
  • Resin extraction for glue and tar making.

Cost: £400 per person.    

One to one: £550.

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All courses include comprehensive insurance.


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