The Art of Bushcraft & Woodlore

Wild Spirit Bushcraft courses are designed to give you the knowledge to survive in the wilderness by instilling ancient Woodlore’s most fundamental skills. You encounter plenty of hands on experience to back it up.

Conducted in a woodland environment our syllabus will equip you with a wide range of useful topics techniques some of which are listed:

Safety in the woods and safe usage of cutting tools

Understanding the correct use of cutting tools, has a paramount importance in any survival situation.. You will learn the right and wrong way of storing and maintaining your tools (Axe/knife) and also having the knowledge to create tools from natural recourses. By learning this skill would have a massive advantage on your chances for returning alive; it can have life or death implication.

Friction fire lighting

The age old techniques of fire lighting reaches far back into our human history. Our aim is to teach you the skills needed how to make fire, and also where to source the correct materials needed. You will learn the importance of preparation along with age old tips such as:- Flint and steel, Fire Strikes, Native Bow Fiddle, Hand Drills and Fire from Fungi.

Shelter building

Shelter building in a survival situation is essential; we will show you how to construct a simple shelter using the materials found in the woodland, and how to make it weather proof. You will learn the importance of location by studying the layout of the land (typography). You will be expected to sleep at least one night in your shelter.

Water purification

You will learn how to locate and purify water and the potential hazards that this may be present. This includes particles, chemicals and bacteria. Drinking and using water with any of these potential hazards could have major implication to anyone trying to live off the land, so getting it right is essential for the would be survivor!

Wild food

For centuries our hunter gathers ancestors have lived comfortably off the land. By intertwining their knowledge on the terrain and handing down the skills needed. Our instructors will teach you how to locate and differentiate between poisonous fungi/edible plants, leaves, nuts, berries and roots. Bon appetite!

Natural orientation and navigation

Having the ability to natural orientate or navigate is a crucial survival skill; we hope to provide you with a basic understanding of using the sun and stars to find your way home or to safety.

Tree identification plant and fungi

This is an introductory into the woodland which includes the basic knowledge on trees, fungi and plants and how they are utilized in either food or medicine. You will learn the importance of each individual species, and how they played an important role in the lives of our ancient ancestors as well as helping us in a survival situation.


Having the capability to cook and prepare food is imperative as certain plants or fungi are only edible when cooked. Controlling the fires size and burning speeds are valuable skill, knowing what timbers to use and temperatures will help you greatly when cooking. You will learn how to dig underground pit ovens for meat and fish, how to dry and smoke meat.

Implements constructed from natural resources

From the early stone age mankind has used natural products from the earth, mans ability to make things to help him on his journey is truly remarkable.

Wild Spirit instructors teach a wide range of topics, on our specialized courses you will have the opportunity to make:

  • Spoons, ladles, pots from wood
  • Clothing out of animal fur
  • Hunting implements such as bone tools, bow and flint arrows
  • Fish and animal traps
  • Rope
  • Making glue from resins

And much much more!