Bushcraft Course Dates for 2017

The following dates are for courses that are currently scheduled, however we also offer dates to suit your availability for bookings of 2 or more people, this includes the 3 day Bushman and 4 day courses.  Please contact us with your requirements and preferred dates to check availability.

Coastal Foraging :

Saturday 29th April 2017

Sunday 10th September 2017

Sunday 8th October 2017

Explorer Course:

Saturday 27th May Fully Booked

Saturday 17th June Fully booked

Sunday 25th June – 2 places remaining

Saturday 19th August

Saturday 16th September

Survivor Course

Friday 26th – 28th May Fully booked

Friday 16th – 18th June Fully booked

Please get in touch for alternative dates for the next Survivor Course

The Bushman 3 day course

Friday 22nd – 24th Sept

Friday 20th – 22nd October

2 Day Family Bushcraft Course with over night stay

Saturday 29th – 30th July

Saturday 26th – 27th August (extra night camping also available on 27th)

Wild Food Foraging

We run our Wild Food Foraging days every 2nd Sunday of the Month starting :

Sunday 14th May

Sunday 11th June

Sunday 9th July

Sunday 13th August

Sunday 10th September and Sunday 17th September

Sunday 8th October and Sunday 29th October

Should you require any further information, please contact us at :-

Wild Spirit Bushcraft – Head Office, NOT THE SITE LOCATION
Cwmcedfyw Farm
Mobile: 07905 466884

Email: info@bushcraftcourses.co.uk

For Terms and Conditions click here.